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Apple Keynote 2008 opinions

Lets get the big rant out of the way first.


Normal non-shouty blog resumes. I can understand the Mail, Maps, Stocks, Notes and Weather apps not being on the original iPod touch. It was an iPod, so did what the previous iPod did when it came to PIM. Not being able to add calendar events was a mistake that was rectified. But this is just taking the piss. All the early adopters that helped make the Christmas quarter such a huge success get shafted. Buy an iPod touch today and get the software for free. How can the company which styles itself as the cool guy fighting Microsoft’s corporation crap on its users like this? Leaves an unpleasant taste after all the other good things that were announced.

Anyway, onto the good stuff. The Time Machine NAS/wireless router is a good product for the multi Apple notebook household wanting an easy backup method. Not too sure yet how usefull it will be for the more demanding user. I’ve got a Synology DS-106e doing sterling service that won’t be replaced any time soon.

The Movie rental announcement is huge, and all the more impressive for the amount of big studios on board. Just when the Music labels are deserting the store that showed them how to do it properly, a new market takes off. My guess is that music downloads will all be DRM free soon and the big players (Amazon, Apple etc.) will share the market. Now Apple has a new market to dominate through ease of use. Interesting times ahead.

Does the AppleTV have what it takes to kick the medialess movie market into action? Plenty of others have tried and the big obstacle is still broadband speeds and reliability (especially us poor wretches on Virgin’s ‘Superfast’ broadband joke). 8Mb ADSL is still a dream for many UK users, so until we all get Fibre to our doorsteps it’s not looking good.

The Macbook Air is one of those ‘look how far ahead of the rest of the market we are’ launches. It may succeed, but i’ve a nagging feeling this will go the way of the G4 cube. Specs are good for such a slim notebook, but not so great for the price. Until solid state disks drop a lot in price this is going to feel cramped. An 80Gb hard drive is just not enough. I’ve just replaced the Macbooks 120Gb drive with a 250Gb one (The 120Gb was an upgrade from the 60Gb original in December 2006). 120Gb doesn’t last long with iMovie, iTunes and iPhoto managing your memories and entertainment.

The biggest disappointment was that the Mac Mini continues to languish at the bottom of the range with no upgradeable mid priced machine. My dream of a core 2 duo Mac (semi) pro have once again been dashed.

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