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iPad 3rd Generation unboxing and screenshots

My new iPad arrived at around 11am, so here are my first thoughts and some unboxing photo’s. More to follow as I compare it to my 1st Generation iPad, with some screengrabs from both to get an idea of the improvement in screen resolution.

The new screen is the first thing that impresses, and the difference between icons for Apple’s updated apps and those still at lower resolution.

Here’s the full dock, click for the full resolution view.

Some setup screens, again click for full resolution.

Some screen grabs, comparing the first iPad with 1024 x 768 screen to the new iPad with 2048 x 1536 screen. All screen grabs are from the devices, not re-sized.

iPad 1st generation

iPad 3rd Generation with retina screen

iPad 1st Generation

iPad 3rd Generation with retina screen

The only difference I’m not so happy with so far is the colour difference between the screens of the old and new iPads. I have read of a difference in colour temperature but mine has a slight green tint that is most visible in direct comparison with the first iPad. It’s no that noticeable in isolation, so I will give it time and see if it disappears or needs to go back to Apple. Other than the colour difference the new screen is stunning.

One other thing worth mentioning is that the USB cable supplied with  the new iPad is slightly different to the one I use with my old iPad. The metal tabs that hold the connector into the iPad have a shallower angle on the new cable, which works fine with old and new devices. My old cable is difficult to get into the new iPad, so care is advised.

USB cables, old iPad 1 on left and new iPad 3 cable on right

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