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Blue-ray Vs. HD DVD

January 6, 2008 Leave a comment

Blue-ray HD DVDNot that the average consumer cares, but it looks like the Blue-ray vs HD dvd war may be entering its final phase. Warner has decided to go Blue-ray only, and as the largest movie distributor it looks like HD DVD is the loser. Whichever format wins will do nothing to make the case for HD any more compelling. Do we really need HD, or is it just another excuse to get us to spend again? After the cost of the equipment we’re expected to buy all the films on a new format again.

Here’s my suggestion. Instead of buying a disc, we buy a license to watch the content, in any format. When a new format comes along, we get the media at close to cost, and digital downloads for a small fee. This might persuade the suits to think before entering another format war that WE pay for.

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