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Apple unveils new 8 core Mac Pro’s

January 9, 2008 Leave a comment

Mac pro I know the future is meant to be parallel processing rather than brute Mhz force, but just how usefull is an 8 core computer? With the announcement of it’s updated 8 core Mac Pro, Apple appears to be embracing ridiculously multi-core for the professional creative’s.
That’s very nice for those that can afford these monstrously powerful machines, but most of us want an affordable upgradable Mac that costs under a grand. Sure, the iMac is very sexy but limited in its upgrade potential. Mini, Macbook and Macbook Pro are out, so the cheapest upgradable Mac is the £1,429.00 Quad core 2.8Ghz. That might be a fair price for the power and design on offer, but Mrs Basshead is never going to agree to it. If only Apple would release a Core 2 Duo Mac Pro for the magic £999.99……….

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