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10 useful iPod/iPhone apps

January 17, 2008 1 comment

App InstallerInteresting page here showing some of the applications that are available for the jailbroken iPhone/iTouch. Mostly utilities to make life easier and prettier, but if this is what hackers (and that’s the original meaning) can do with no help, just think what we will be seeing when the SDK is released.

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Petition for Free iPod touch apps

January 17, 2008 6 comments

Free iPod AppsPetitiononline has a free iPod touch apps petition that you can sign if you disagree with Apple charging £12.99/$19.99 for the apps that iphone owners get for free. Get everyone you know to sign this one, Apple were shamed into giving $100 back when the iPhone price dropped so it can work.
Also, remember that it’s not just the five apps that are being charged for, but useful features like movable home screen icons and web shortcuts. Consider this a trial of charging for updates.
There’s very mixed opinions on the web about charging for apps given free to iPhone users. The way I see it, you buy a mac and get free updates until the next major version of the OS. This isn’t iPod Touch V2 so why are we being charged? It gets worse when you look at AppleTV V2. A major update, free to current users.
The simple reason for Apple charging for the iPod apps is because it can. The iPhone is still a growing market, so the updates are free. No company yet dominates the market AppleTV is fighting for, Apple wants to grow its market share, so updates are free.
The iPod is dominating the market and doesn’t need any excuse to sell bucketloads, there’s no incentive to increase its appeal to buyers, so updates are not free.
I expect to pay for third party apps when released, as well as Apple added value apps, but this is three widgets, mail and maps. Pretty basic stuff, isn’t it?

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