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Macworld Keynote Predictions

January 11, 2008 Leave a comment

AppleIt’s that time of year again, when Macheads go wild in an orgy of predictions for Steve Job’s keynote speech. Here’s my take on the current rumours.

  • The ultra thin macbook (pro?) with LED backlight and SSD will be announced. I don’t want one, I’m just sick of this story. Please Steve, release it and let us have some new products to dream about.
  • 3G iPhone will not be announced. All the details suggest it’s not due until later in the year, so why announce it now and damage sales of the current model?
  • The cheaper Mac tower rumour is gathering popularity. I’m hoping that this is reality. The case doesn’t have to be as big as the Mac pro, just enough for 2 optical drives, 2 hard drives and some PCI express slots with upgradeable graphics. Could be called the Mac.
  • 10.5.2 will be announced for immediate download, fixing the disappearing servers in the finder sidebar problem. That’s the major annoyance I’ve had with Leopard, so it can’t be too bad (unlike my complaints about Vista)
  • iPhone and iPod touch software v1.1.3 will be announced, with a teaser of some of the software coming soon. Select partners have had early versions of the iPhone SDK so there’s some new apps to show.
  • The Cinema Displays will be updated soon to look like the iMac, but not at the Keynote.
  • I like the Mac Mini and AppleTV V2 merging idea, with basic web browsing and email added to the media functions.
  • iTunes 7.6 or 8 is announced with movie rentals, US only so us UK faithfuls have to wait. Again.
  • Not sure on the 16Gb iPhone idea. It could be introduced at the current price with the 8Gb dropping to £179-£199 to boost sales. The problem is doubling the memory after Christmas could get the same bad press as last years price cut.

That’s my wishes for next Tuesday. I’ll probably be watching the live blogging again with the rest of the fan boys.

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