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iPod Touch 1st Gen with V3 software

The new V3 iPhone/iPod software from Apple offers a lot of improvements and additions, unfortunately the amount of these changes decreases the further back the family tree you go. Probably the least blessed by the V3 update is the first generation iPod Touch, the model I use. I’ve been looking through the software I use on my iPod for a couple of days to find what’s new, so here’s a list of the changes you get for your £5.99/$9.99


Search Found to the left of the home screen, this offers similar functionality to the Mac’s Spotlight, searching most of the device’s built in applications. Icons for each application on the left identify where the match is so this is a very fast way of finding what you want. It’s also customisable from Settings>General>Home, as shown below. The home button can be assigned an action, and apps you don’t want to include can be deselected. It’s even possible to drag the apps around to change the order of the search results.


Stocks gets some usefull new features, the most obvious being a full screen landscape view. This can be touched with one finger to display a value at the touched point, or using two fingers you can show a value change between two points. Also new are the statistics and news views at the bottom of the portrait page, accessed by swiping to the sides.



Podcast player in Music has some new options under the progress bar. The left envelope icon allows emailing a link of the currently playing podcast. The centre icon jumps back by 30 seconds, and the right ‘1X’ can be pressed to cycle between 0.5, 1 and 2X playback speeds.


Street View finally arrives in the Maps application, something iPod owners were deprived of in V2 (unless you had a jailbroken iPod and installed the patch to enable Street View). There’s nothing new here, it works exactly the same as what’s been available on the iPhone previously. Just hit the orange icon to the left of the pin label on a photographed street.


Notes gets two important updates, first is syncing of notes between your computer and iDevice. On the Mac this means Mail.app notes will sync with my iPod, greatly increasing the worth of the app. Also new is a landscape view for adding/editing notes making them much easier to use.


App Store information pages for the apps gets a small update, screen views toward the bottom of the page can now be scrolled through without having to go to the image viewer.


iTunes gets films, TV shows and music videos to buy and download, as well as the option of redeeming iTunes vouchers directly in your device.




So is the update worth the money? From the new features I’ve found do far I would say yes. Just the search, podcast player updates and notes syncing are worth having for £5.99.

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