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iPod Touch 1st Gen with V3 software

June 23, 2009 Leave a comment

The new V3 iPhone/iPod software from Apple offers a lot of improvements and additions, unfortunately the amount of these changes decreases the further back the family tree you go. Probably the least blessed by the V3 update is the first generation iPod Touch, the model I use. I’ve been looking through the software I use on my iPod for a couple of days to find what’s new, so here’s a list of the changes you get for your £5.99/$9.99


Search Found to the left of the home screen, this offers similar functionality to the Mac’s Spotlight, searching most of the device’s built in applications. Icons for each application on the left identify where the match is so this is a very fast way of finding what you want. It’s also customisable from Settings>General>Home, as shown below. The home button can be assigned an action, and apps you don’t want to include can be deselected. It’s even possible to drag the apps around to change the order of the search results. Read more…

App store review changes

September 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Following much irritation with its App store reviews, Apple has over the weekend made changes to the user review process. Anyone wishing to leave a review for an application is now blocked unless they have bought the app. This should eliminate the idiots posting stupid comments and bad reviews without trying the app, and will hopefully result in a more meaningful rating system that genuine shoppers can trust.

While this will be of little benefit to the authors of free applications (though I expect some benefit will be gained since the time wasters have to download the app), it should help those making a living from their software. Now if only someone could get rid of those darn ‘first post’ jokers.

The problem with the App store

September 18, 2008 1 comment

Love of Hate it, the App store has been a financial success and is proving very popular with iPhone and iPod owners. There have been complaints about the lack of moderation on user comments, and I found a perfect example of this. Here’s an App from the store that will search the web for iPhone formated wallpapers. Not something I would buy myself but it will likely appeal to a lot of users.

Read more…

iTunes 7.7 available for download, in software update

July 10, 2008 Leave a comment

Following news yesterday evening that iTunes 7.7 was due imminently it’s now available from both the itunes download page at, and software update. The big addition is the App store, although this doesn’t seem to be currently available and there’s no software update for the iPod touch yet (v1.1.4 is still the latest). From the notes on the iTunes download page, ‘Access to the App Store requires the iPhone 2.0 Software Update for iPod touch, sold separately.’

UPDATE The App store has now appeared in the UK, and I have browsed and downloaded several of the free apps. Still no sign of the version 2 update at 22:52, so us iPod Touch owners are left staring at all those lovely apps we can’t use yet. Looks like Installer will be serving up software for another night.

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