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iPhoto/iPod import problem

iPhoto09iconI’ve been working my way through the iPod V3 firmware looking for new features, and got to the point where I wanted to copy the screenshots across into iPhoto. The problem was iPhoto gave an unrecognised file format error every time I tried copying the PNG files, and would show the iPod as docked even when it was disconnected.

A quick web search led to a page at the Apple support forums, and some advice to unmount the device in Image Capture. It’s not immediately obvious how to do this, so for anyone with the same problem here’s a few simple steps to the fix.

  1. Open Image Capture.app. My iPod was shown as permanently connected with download options on display.
  2. On the menu bar click Devices then Browse Devices from the drop down menu.
  3. The window below is shown, at the time my iPod (named Touch) was not connected to the computer so I un-ticked the connected box, quit Image Capture and launched iPhoto. All working perfectly again, Image thumbnails are shown and import with no further problems.


Worth trying this simple fix first, one of the other recommendations was to delete some preference files and restart which will remove many iPhoto interface adjustments.

  1. Andrew Green
    July 7, 2009 at 7:10 pm

    This worked great!!!! Thank you I had the same problem did not know what to try next. Thanks again!

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