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News for Thursday 2nd October

October 2, 2008 1 comment

Increase your ADSL speed with the BT iPlate
For those suffering slow broadband speeds over an ADSL connection help may be at hand. The BT iPlate replaces your master phone socket and filters out electrical noise caused by other appliances in your home.

Microsoft and Washington Attorney General target scareware
Fed up with those popup windows warning that your computer is infected/corrupted and only by buying a piece of software can your computer be saved? So is Microsoft and it’s doing something about the problem.

Nintendo reveals the new DSi
Larger screens, two cameras, SD memory support and an MP3 player are some of the features of Nintendo’s latest handheld.

Apple threatens to close the iTunes music store over increased royalty rates
Increased royalty rates could mean the iTunes store would run at a loss if Apple is forced to pay for the increase.

Seagate Freeagent for Mac reviewed
And it’s not brown.

Apple readying more Snow Leopard Beta’s
Hopefully coming to a Bittorrent server soon. Now the developer focus on the iPhone is dropping off Apple is pushing ahead with Snow Leopard beta releases for developers.

Engineering Windows 7: Managing Windows windows
A lot of though is going into Windows 7, hopefully the engineering teams will have more say than the marketing team on what ends up in the final release.

Seagate finally gets some design taste

August 17, 2008 Leave a comment

Engadget has the news that Seagate is to update its FreeAgent range of external hard drives. Initially available in grey, black, and silver, further colours are to follow. The silver models shown are a huge improvement over the hideous brown models that Maplin UK stores continue to discount in an effort to sell them. Just look at the comparison images above to see the difference. Would you really want to put that brown eyesore next to a Mac, or even a beige box PC? They may be relatively cheap, but ugly is ugly.

The one worrying aspect of this story is the claim that Seagate plan to launch models in a range of colours including red, green, gold and pink. This means that in a years time Maplin will be selling hideous red, green, gold and pink external hard drives that no-one wants to buy. Good luck with that.

Hackintosh part 10

May 8, 2008 6 comments

When I completed the build and testing of my hackintosh I still had plans for some future updates to the hardware. 2Gb of Ram is fine for general use but gets used up fast if you start running windows in a virtual machine as well as Mail, Firefox, Graphic Converter and several other apps. I’ve now added another 2Gb of PC800 Kingston ram of the same spec as the original, and it’s working fine. System Profiler reports four banks of 1Gb PC800 ram and no problems. I can now allocate 1Gb of Ram to a virtual machine without slowing down the rest of the system. Read more…