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Gadget site asks if jailbreaking is redundant, readers answer no

September 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Following on from the previous Engadget post that claimed jailbreaking is now less relevant with the availability of the app store, there’s a new poll on the site asking what the readers think. As I type the results are 63% say still relevant, 25.1% only need the App store and 11.9% picked the stupid/don’t care answer. So that’s a large majority of people still want their iPhone’s and iPod’s jailbroken.

The iPhone Dev team has responded to the original claim in a post on their blog, and appear to have taken just a little bit of offence at the claim that their work is ‘less and less relevant with each passing day’. I can certainly understand their feelings since they are providing a free service that continues to help a lot of people. When Engadget uses headlines like DevTeam releases PwnageTool and QuickPwn 2.1, wants to rumble’ I have to ask, is there any point to this antagonism?

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