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iPhone 2.1 firmware on September 9th?

September 6, 2008 Leave a comment

Most news sites have now settled on iTunes 8 being announced at the September 9th special event. The latest rumours are now suggesting iPhone firmware 2.1 will also be released, but with a few unexpected extra’s. No word on what they are, but ArsTechnica are pretty confident there’s something new coming. Could this finally be copy/paste support?

Further leaked images are suggesting the previous iPod Nano images were real,so what else will be announced? Ipod Touch updates are a good bet as are price reductions or capacity boosts on the other models, but Apple is sure to have something that isn’t expected. Although the rumoured subscription service would certainly surprise, knowing Apple there’s something coming that no-one has thought of. News on the Macbook refresh has been absent for a while now, so will this be it? I’m hoping the laptop announcements are made later in the month and there’s something new unveiled.

Apple announces Sept 9th special event

September 2, 2008 Leave a comment

ArsTechnica has the news that Apple has announced a special event on September 9th, as was predicted by several sources recently. The focus appears to be the iPod, though some sites are speculating that the rumoured Macbook refresh may also be part of the event. I’m leaning more toward the music subscription service myself, as Nokia is bringing its ‘Comes With Music’ service to the UK this autumn. Other vendors have tried the subscription model with limited success, so if anyone can make it work it’s Apple.

New Ipod Nano Details?

August 23, 2008 Leave a comment

Details have been posted at of the new iPod Nano due to be introduced in the next few weeks. The image above is  claimed to be the new Nano, and it certainly fits in with the current rumours of a return to the tall and thin shape with a larger screen. The post also claims price drops for the ipod range to bring them in under the current iPhone $199 starting price. Well worth a visit for a few other details and a video.

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Apple: “key product transition” due within 2 months

July 22, 2008 Leave a comment

Yesterday’s Apple quarterly financial results sounded much like the previous few. Best yet results for the quarter, with sales of just about everything up considerably from this time last year. At a time when the credit crunch is having a negative impact on most markets Apple is seeing record growth.

One thing to put a damper on shareholders dividends is the announcement that profits will be lower next quarter due to a ‘key product transition’ that undercuts rivals, due by the end of September. No details on what the new product will be, but with the Macbook, iPod Touch and Mac Mini rumoured to be expecting an update there’s plenty to pick from. That’s without the possibility of a Mac tablet or ‘bigger than iPod Touch’ PDA/handheld device. Looks like interesting times are ahead.

Taking screenshots with the iPod V2

July 11, 2008 2 comments

This has been mentioned on several sites relating to the iPhone, but it’s worth repeating since it also works with the iPod Touch. To take a screenshot, hold down the home button and quickly press the on/off button. The screen flashes white then fades back to normal to indicate success.

Screenshots are stored in a Saved Photos album that appears first in the Photo Albums list. The next time you connect the iPod to your Mac (sorry, not sure how it works under Windows) the album can be transfered into iPhoto, as shown below. Not sure why the thumbnails didn’t appear in the import window, is this a bug?

iPod Touch version 2 screenshots

July 11, 2008 Leave a comment

For those still trying to get the version 2 software for the iPod Touch, here are some screen shots of the new features I’ve found so far, and a couple I didn’t use much so may not be so new. Post a comment if there’s anything specific you want to see. Read more…

iPod Touch Firmware download problems

July 11, 2008 2 comments

Today has not been a good day for Apple in the UK. Problems and delays have blighted the launch of the 3G iPhone, with customers leaving Apple stores empty handed. The iPod Touch version 2 software is now linked to from the iPod page, but trying to access it results in the error message below. Not much to do but keep trying until the problems are sorted, more details to follow when the servers start working.

UPDATE After posting the above I tried iTunes again, and it’s now sometimes saying version 2 is available.  Clicking update then learn more still results in an error message, then iTunes says my iPod is up to date. Definitely not the smooth Apple experience we expect.

WWDC 08 thoughts

June 9, 2008 Leave a comment

Once again Steve Jobs has delivered an impressive set of updates and new products that managed to surprise. We already knew the 3G iPhone was 99% certain to be unveiled, but who would have guessed the price would be $199 and $299? I’m hoping that will convert to £129 (more likely £149) and £179 (again, probably £199) for the UK. If the 3G iPhone is hacked to run on any network as quickly as the original there’s no way I will be able to resist for long.

The MobileMe service answers several requirements I have found recently, and synchronising across iPhone, Mac apps and Outlook is genuinely useful for those of us who have to use Windows at work. Once 3rd Party Developers start building on this there’s no telling what will be possible. 20Gb of storage still doesn’t look very generous for $99/£69 a year, but the rest should make up for it. The web apps look useful, but you will be at the mercy of your ISP. The UK boasts some fast services but the reality is that a 20Mbit connection is swamped by more than one task at a time.

Perhaps the most surprising news for me (after the 3G iPhone price) was the cost of the games. $9.99 seems low for something like Super Monkey Ball that costs several time that on other gaming platforms, even portable ones. This could help Apple make the iPhone King of several markets, Pocket Gaming Console, PDA, Smartphone, GPS navigation, Media Player and Social Networking. Is this the device that takes Apple from being a computer manufacturer to a Consumer Electronics giant?

MobileMe – what .Mac should have been

June 9, 2008 Leave a comment

The last major announcement of the WWDC was the new MobileMe service, replacing .Mac from July. Offering a web interface to mail, calendars and contacts with a familiar Mac app appearance, the impressive thing about this is the ability to synchronise or push information across iPhone, iPod, Mac (ical, mail, address book) and Windows Outlook. Syncing of photo’s is also supported, and Apple describes this as ‘Exchange for the rest of us’. Storage of 20Gb is included. Priced at $99 a year it looks like a much better service than .Mac, and should do much to revive Apple’s flagging web service. More information here.

iPhone games priced at $9.99

June 9, 2008 Leave a comment

One thing that really surprised me was the pricing of the games announced during the WWDC Keynote. Have paid around £30 for Super Monkey Ball on the Nintendo Wii it seems a steal for $9.99. Looks like Apple are serious about making the iPhone a viable gaming platform. Here’s the list of software announced:

  • Super Monkey Ball from Nintendo
  • Enigmo, a puzzle game from Pangea
  • Cro-Mag Rally also from Pangea, a racing game
  • Digital Legends Entertainmentshowed a 3D game similar to God of War, due in September
  • Ebay app that allows you to do anything you can do through your web browser
  • Loopt, a location-based service for tracking friends
  • A Typepad client
  • Band – virtual instruments and songwriting app
  • Associated Press showed the Mobile News Network, which uses the location aware features of the new OS to pull in local news
  • for baseball highlights and live video clips