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iPhone/iPod Touch firmware 2.1 on Friday

September 9, 2008 1 comment

Just announced at the Apple live event, firmware 2.1 for iphone and iPod Touch will be available from Friday 12th September. Improvements include significantly better battery life, fewer call drops and a lot of fixed bugs. No mention so far of the rumoured held back features, the only thing that looks new is the genius smart playlist function. The update is free for users of version 2, and $9.99 for iPod Touch owners upgrading from version 1 firmwares.

UPDATE Reports are appearing that iPod Touch V2.1 is already available, if so I will try to update and post some screenshots of the new features.

Pwnage and QuickPwn updated

August 26, 2008 Leave a comment

Very late last night came the news that the iPhone dev Team has updated both the Macintosh PwnageTool and the Windows QuickPwn. Both tools will jailbreak the latest iPhone/iPod vesion 2.0.2 firmware. PwnageTool 2.0.3 for the Mac is reported as having some problems with the iPod Touch so the Dev Team are recommending you hold off a little longer and wait for the next version due soon. Windows QuickPwn is updated to beta 150 offering some bug fixes.

There’s a comment on the blog recommending that QuickPwn isn’t run through Macintosh virtualisation software such as parallels and VMware. I had wondered if this was an option while rebooting into Windows to use QuickPwn, so there’s the answer.

iPod Nano 4G case revealed

August 25, 2008 Leave a comment

A case for the rumoured 4th generation iPod Nano has showed up on Shown above, the silicon case appears to confirm the image leaked by Kevin Rose a couple of days ago. The interesting part from the product details is ‘Various color available, match with iPod nano 4G colors’. Will this be the same colours as the current range? This excitement is just too much.

The details I really want are on the rumoured inclusion of GPS in the new iPod Touch. Now that would be one sweet PDA, if only Apple would get the copy/paste and syncing of notes and todos sorted out.

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QuickPwn tested, screenshots

August 22, 2008 13 comments

The iPhone Dev Team today released an update to their beta QuickPwn tool complete with GUI by poorlad. It’s now compatible with iPhone and iPod 2.0.2 firmware, so for those brave enough to try beta software and running Windows it’s great. This is a bit of a turnaround to previous tools the Dev Team have released which always seemed to see Mac versions first. Fortunately I have a hard drive with Windows installed in my hackintosh for occasions such as this. Read more…

iPhone file storage apps

August 20, 2008 Leave a comment

For those looking to store files on their iPhone or iPod Touch there’s a nice comparison over at iLounge comparing four of the available options. Filemagnet, Files, Datacase and MobileFinder are compared in some depth, so this is recommended reading for anyone wanting to transfer files using an iDevice. It’s a shame Apple no longer allows file access to it’s newest gadgets, but at least others are stepping in to make it work.

iPhone and iPod firmware 2.0.2 released

August 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Available now through iTunes is version 2.0.2 firmware for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Just like the 2.0.1 update this one lists the changes as ‘bug fixes’, with no indication of what bugs are fixed. The iPod Touch update is another hefty download at 246.3Mb, and as usual the advice is to wait until PwnageTool has been updated to work with the new version, or loose your jailbroken access.

UPDATE Infinite Loop is reporting an improvement in 3G signal strength and call quality after the 2.0.2 update.

iPhone stuck wallpaper fix

August 15, 2008 4 comments

The issue I had with my iPod touch having the wallpaper stuck and unchangeable was traced to the file


It’s permissions were set to 644, changing this to 664 fixed the problem. I used Fetch (SFTP) to access the iPod’s filesystem, after Jailbreaking it and using Cydia to install OpenSSH.

Themes for the iPhone and iPod

August 15, 2008 Leave a comment

One of my favourite apps on the iPod Touch before installing firmware 2 was Summerboard. Adding themes to this was a great way of easily changing the appearance of the iPod or iPhone’s interface. Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a version of Summerboard for firmware 2, but a new app called Winterboard has stepped in to fill the void. Read more…

iPod problem and solution

August 9, 2008 4 comments

While the upgrade to 2.0.1 firmware on my iPod Touch went smoothly and appeared to be working fine, I later discovered a problem with the Since upgrading the firmware erases the installed OS, it also removes the mail messages. As I use Gmail with IMAP access these messages are stored in the Gmail account so should be synchronised when accessing the Mail application. What was happening was two attempts at downloading the mail messages then quit. Read more…

Installer 4 beta screenshots and first impressions

August 9, 2008 Leave a comment

Installer 4 beta is included with the PwnageTool 2.0.2 install, so for those looking to take the plunge here are some screenshots of it in action. I encountered a lot of error message while browsing the available packages (I think this is caused by an icon not being available) so that’s one bug that needs fixing. There aren’t a lot of packages available at the moment so Installer is lagging Cydia for now.