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Hackintosh Part 3

February 10, 2008 1 comment

In Part 1 I looked at motherboard, CPU, cooler and ram. Part 2 covered optical drives and hard drive, so this time it’s case, graphics card and other components.

CMstackerThe choice of case is usually a difficult one due to the huge range of cases available, but in this instance it’s simple. My VideoPC that is being retired was built in a Coolermaster CM stacker, a huge beast of an enclosure that could probably handle any build you could think of. Eleven 5¼inch bays and room for two power supplies means this isn’t a case that needs replacing anytime soon. It also looks good in brushed aluminium and black. There’s no shortage of black optical drives now, unlike when I first got the case around three years ago. A Tagan 700w PSU provides the juice, probably a bit overkill for the hackintosh but it did the job for two xeons and four hard drives in its previous life. I have used two Tagan PSU’s, both solid and reliable. Again this is an example of sticking to what is proven. Read more…