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Intel Core i7 roundup

November 5, 2008 Leave a comment

intel_core_i7Intel has a new processor family on the horizon, and it’s looking like a big performance jump over the current Core 2 range. Integrating new features such as an integrated memory controller, monolithic design and turbo mode. There are many articles already published on the performance of the new silicon, so here is a brief list of where to find the details.

Engadget has a summary of articles

Techradar have gone mad on the i7, with features on game performance, benchmarks, real world tests and even an ultimate guide to the i7

Bit-tech have a very in depth benchmarking review

The general opinion seems to be that the i7 offers a big step up in multi-threaded performance and an improvement for single threaded apps. Looks like AMD is going to have to try even garder to keep up.

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