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Moneysaving tips for UK residents

August 6, 2008 Leave a comment

Not exactly tech related, but worth mentioning anyway. I have recently started using the web site for lots of excellent advice on saving cash. There’s tips across a wide range of categories, including energy costs (currently the big news in the UK), insurance and mortgages. I’m currently trying out their tips for getting Orange Wednesday 2-for-1 cinema tickets using a £1 PAYG sim. They also have some advice for getting the cheapest 3G iPhone over the length of the contract, so I managed to get a gadget link in.

The UK cinema experience

July 26, 2008 1 comment

Much is said about how much money Film Studios are losing to piracy. You can’t see a film at the cinema now without the piracy warnings. Do the studios ever stop to wonder if that’s the real reason their profits are not where they thinks they should be?

A recent article on Torrentfreak got me thinking about what’s really going on at the cinema. The story concerns a study by the US Pirate Party, a group that claims the real reason for the rise and fall in annual profits is the quality of the films released, not piracy. If so, the ‘piracy’ claims are just hot air from greedy studios that want more money for releasing crap. It’s the old argument, people will pay a fair price for a quality product. The most amazing thing is that these piracy claims and measures are increasing at a time when US cinema takings have hit a record high.

I think there’s a more basic reason for the often claimed drop in cinema attendance. It’s crap. Read more…