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The Dark Knight

July 26, 2008 Leave a comment

I saw the new Batman film ‘The Dark Knight’ yesterday and I’m not sure where to start.The best place is probably that it’s the best comic book film I have seen so far. Spiderman 2 and Xmen 3 were my previous favourites but this left them far behind. The biggest surprise was how much The Dark Knight doesn’t feel like a comic book. As with Batman Begins the various gadgets used are based on advanced military technology so most of them are believable. The characters are portrayed in shades of grey which is a big theme of the film. How far are the good guys willing to go to stop the Joker? Will they compromise their ideals to do so?

In terms of the overall tone there’s much owed to some of the darker Batman graphic novels. The Joker is menacing, brutally ruthless and constantly forcing everyone into impossible moral dilemma’s. Much has been said of Heath Ledger deserving an Oscar for his portrayal of the face painted lunatic, and I agree fully. While his is the standout performance, Aaron Eckhart is excellent as Harvey Dent and the impressively disfigured Two Face. Christian Bale is again perfect as Bruce Wayne and Batman, and gets to shine with a character that could easily become one dimensional and unbelievable in the wrong hands.

Christopher Nolan has created a film that may be remembered as the first truly adult comic book adaptation. It’s currently number one in the IMDB top 250, and deserves to be seen by not just anyone who loves comic book movies but anyone who loves good film.