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Hackintosh – The Next Generation Part 1

October 26, 2008 1 comment

The last few days have been spent experimenting with the newest method of installing Mac OS 10.5 on non-Apple hardware. This is achieved using a boot CD called Boot132. The basic idea is that the CD starts the boot process and loads Darwin and the modified kernel extensions necessary to get Mac OS working with standard PC hardware. Once these are loaded you choose the media you wish to continue booting from, which can be the install DVD or a hard drive. Boot132 can be used on a CD or a USB flash drive, but I used the burn to CD method for simplicity.

My previous installation was from a Kalyway DVD, updated through to 10.5.5 with individual updates. This has worked for several months with a few minor issues, so there wasn’t an urgent need for a fresh install. The main reason was the ability to use software update to install the Mac OS point updates when installing using the Boot132/retail DVD method. I also hoped there would be a fix for the slow USB flash drive write speeds I have been experiencing. The theory is that the closer we can get to a standard Macintosh install, the fewer problem we experience in general use and upgrades. Read more…

Hackintosh part 5

February 13, 2008 Leave a comment

After writing about my problem with a dead graphics card yesterday I had a PC with a 12 year old Matrox mystique PCI card proving everything else worked. Surely something that old couldn’t handle Leopard? Only one way to find out. The Kalyway 10.5.1 disc went in, and to my amazement twenty minutes later I had a working hackintosh. Sure, the display was stuck at 1024×768 and windows had some corrupted menu bars, but it worked. Does a Core 2 Quad and a Matrox Mystique win any awards for the biggest age gap between PC components? Read more…

Hackintosh Part 3

February 10, 2008 1 comment

In Part 1 I looked at motherboard, CPU, cooler and ram. Part 2 covered optical drives and hard drive, so this time it’s case, graphics card and other components.

CMstackerThe choice of case is usually a difficult one due to the huge range of cases available, but in this instance it’s simple. My VideoPC that is being retired was built in a Coolermaster CM stacker, a huge beast of an enclosure that could probably handle any build you could think of. Eleven 5¼inch bays and room for two power supplies means this isn’t a case that needs replacing anytime soon. It also looks good in brushed aluminium and black. There’s no shortage of black optical drives now, unlike when I first got the case around three years ago. A Tagan 700w PSU provides the juice, probably a bit overkill for the hackintosh but it did the job for two xeons and four hard drives in its previous life. I have used two Tagan PSU’s, both solid and reliable. Again this is an example of sticking to what is proven. Read more…