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This weeks wallpaper series

February 4, 2008 Leave a comment

Red NeonAfter the Apple product wallpapers last week I’ve started uploading Neon Apple ones today. A new image will be added to the wallpapers page each day without announcement here, so check back occasionally for the latest wallpapers.

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New iPhone wallpaper

January 28, 2008 2 comments
My other Mac’s a MonsterI though I would upload a few Apple themed wallpapers for the iPhone/iPod touch this week, so here’s the first one. In the spirit of all those crappy ‘my other car’s a Ferrari’ stickers, this one’s for those suffering Mac Pro envy. I’ve also uploaded a simple template for anyone wanting to make their own, see the wallpapers page to download it.

More Free iPhone/iPod Wallpapers

January 27, 2008 4 comments

I had a request for another colour and knocked up a few more, so here they are. All new wallpapers will be added to the wallpapers tab in the menu bar.


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Free iPhone/iPod Wallpapers

January 26, 2008 13 comments

I have been looking for some simple and bright wallpapers for my iPod touch and not finding what I wanted, so I decided to have a go myself. And it’s all about sharing, right?
Right click the images below to save, images will save at full size. Drop them into iTunes (I recommend into a new album), sync to device and select as wallpaper.

Leave a comment if you want any other colours.