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Upgrading an O2 iPhone

Over the past two days O2 has released details of its upgrade offers and eligibility. While better than last year’s pay off your contract in full deal they represent a significant additional outlay for those prepared to sign up for another 18 or 24 month contract. Here’s what we know so far.

Upgrade Offers

There are three upgrade offers available:

  1. Pay £20 for each full month left on your contract. This is better than the pay in full deal of last year, but in my case still means a one time charge of £120 to end the contract that runs until 29th December 2010. Anyone taking advantage of this offer also loses the change of mind period so reverting to the previous tariff is not allowed.
  2. Buy the iPhone 4 for the Pay & Go price, then move your existing SIM to the new iPhone. This only requires the remaining contract to be fulfilled before moving to a cheaper O2 or competitors tariffs. The initial outlay is considerably higher but the cost can be partly offset by selling the old iPhone through eBay, O2 Recycle etc.
  3. Qualify for an early upgrade depending on your O2 priority List level. Platinum customers get a 6 month early upgrade and Gold customers get 3 months off, but lowly Silver and Blue customers such as myself only get one month off the contact length.

These offers cannot be mixed, so the upgrade now price for anyone with six months left on their contract is always £120 irrespective of Priority List level.

New Iphone Tariffs

Out goes unlimited data, in comes caps. My satisfaction at the end of the ill defined and vague use of unlimited is tempered by the rather low nature of the caps. 500Mb for the three lowest £25/30/35 tariffs, 750Mb for £40/45 and 1Gb for £60 seems miserly when the future is streaming video. Looks like video over 3G isn’t taking off anytime soon. Here’s the full tariff list from the O2 site.

Given the two updates from O2 so far it looks like a slow trickle of information will be coming up to the iPhone 4 launch on 24th June. Hopefully over the next week a better idea of the full cost of iP4 ownership will be revealed.

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