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iPhone OS 4 unveiled 8th April

April 6, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s an exciting time for Apple fans just now, and the fun continues April 8th. Apple has announced the unveiling of iPhone OS 4 this Thursday, and the Apple promotion machine (that’s us) has gone into overdrive speculating what might be new. Here’s a few of the suggestions:

  • Multitasking seems to be the big focus, but Apple have previously commented on the effect this would have on battery life. The Pre offers multitasking and battery life sucks, so maybe iPhone OS 4 will freeze the running app when you switch to another so it’s not using up the battery in the background. Just an idea.
  • Unified Mail Inbox is much needed and has been hinted at, so looking like a good bet for inclusion.
  • Home Screen is one area the iPhone is lagging. We don’t need a huge battery indicator when the space could offer customisable RSS feeds, weather, stocks or any other information a plugin could provide. Just think, a whole new section for the App Store.
  • Interface Updates After three years the iphone interface is getting a bit old, isn’t it time for a refresh? I’ve been using the Mobileme GUI 3.0 theme since getting my 3GS, and while interface themes aren’t likely to be in iPhone OS 4 a new look would be welcome.