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iPhone 3GS jailbreak tested


The iPhone Dev Team have commented in recent blog posts that although they have a working 3GS jailbreak, they are planning to wait for the 3.1 update to be issued before releasing it. Without getting into the politics of the situation, hacker George Hotz has decided to release a beta jailbreak app without waiting for the next software update. Please remember this is a beta release so may do horrible things to your shiny new iPhone. I took the risk since I’m a daring blogger (or an idiot, never quite sure which)

Purplera1n is a windows only app at the moment, so to test it I had to make a brief excursion to the dark side. Not a problem, I keep a Windows XP drive in my hackintosh for gaming and testing, so a quick reboot later and I’m set. The latest iTunes is required on Windows XP or Vista, not Windows 7. Connect your 3GS, run purplera1n and a small window with a single button is shown.


Clicking the button put my iPhone into restore mode and the button label changed to ‘Waiting for Reboot’. It sat there for several minutes without activity so I eventually quit the app and restarted it. This time the iPhone restarted and showed the image from the purplera1n.com site. After a short pause and another restart it returned to the lock screen. I now had a new app showing called freeze.


Running this on the iPhone downloaded and installed Cydia, a simple process shown below.


With Cydia now installed it’s possible to add any compatible apps to the 3GS, including the much missed SBsettings.


I can now quickly switch any services without having to drill down through settings pages.

In summary purplera1n worked for me, although with an app restart required. It’s beta and could cause problems so anyone concerned about this should probably wait for a final release or the iPhone Dev Team’s version.

  1. Windows 7
    July 26, 2009 at 8:16 am

    It works just fine on Windows 7, as long as you aren’t an idiot.

    just like any other program that wont run in vista or windows 7… run it as admininstrator.

    vista and 7 have security features that prevent some programs from communicating. This is if course to protect your computer. As long as you know a program is safe, or are willing to risk it, you can run anything as administrator.

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