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How the UK and Sweden are worlds apart in privacy

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It’s becoming increasingly clear that the UK and Sweden have little in common when it comes to the right to privacy. While the UK government continues to push for greater logging of its citizens every action and move, some Swedish ISP’s are deleting traffic data to ensure customers safety.

An article at Cnet makes the point that filesharing is driving the demand for higher bandwidth internet access, and while short term revenues increase due to less bandwidth consumed for the same flat monthly fee it is unclear what effect a large reduction in filesharing would have. I’m betting that my ISP’s pushing of 50Mbit broadband would fail if filesharing stopped today. Maybe that’s why Virgin Media still operates Usenet servers that contain large amounts of pirated content. Isn’t it great when ISP’s say one thing and do the opposite?

1:10 scale Saturn 5 rocket launch

April 29, 2009 Leave a comment

American Steve Eves unveiled his 1/10 scale Saturn 5 model rocket last year, and video is now available on Youtube of the successful launch. I also found some photo’s of this impressive piece of engineering. The only thing that concerned me about the video was how close the road in the background looked (and the spectators appeared close as well), given this is a large lump of metal moving very fast.

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