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The £3.99 Guitar Tuner

I’ve been looking for a new guitar and bass tuner recently, and had my eye on one of the many clip on tuners now available. A recent browse of Ebay turned up a seller with lots of Cherub Technology tuners for auction, starting at £3.99. They looked good, but then most Ebay items look good no matter how low the quality. It was only £3.99 (though the £3.99 postage was way too expensive for an item of this size) so I placed a bid and won the item for the starting price. It arrived today, and I have to admit it’s a lot of guitar tuner for the price.


The clamp goes onto the headstock of the instrument, and the body of the tuner can be tilted and swivelled to the best position. The display is clear and easy to use, and best of all the response is pretty fast. On my six string bass the low B takes around a second to initially display the tuning and tracks changes quickly. This is impressive as the tuner is picking up string vibration through the clamp. The colour of the display changes depending on how out of tune the note is, turning amber for flat, green for in tune and red for sharp.




Other features include a built in microphone which I haven’t had a chance to try, and various tuning modes for different instruments. The tuner runs from a single CR2032 coin battery which is included. I don’t know what the battery life is like yet, so I will update this post if it needs replacing any time soon.

These tuners are so cheap I am thinking of buying a few and attempting a more permanent (but discrete) fixing to the back of each of my instrument’s headstock’s. To say I’m impressed is an understatement, I can’t believe something this cheap could work so well and be of such good build quality.

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