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Themes for iPhone and iPod

There was a surge of activity in Cydia this week with several excellent themes appearing or being updated. Here’s some screenshots of my favourites, along with some tips on combining theme elements to get just what you want.

themes-081115_1 themes-081115_2

Smoog by Giovanni Corti

Anything that features a Bass speaker for the Music icon is fine by me, and the rest of this theme doesn’t disappoint. Clear and easily distinguishable icons make it a pleasure to use, and I also like the icons for Cydia, Installer and the App Store being variations of the same design. They all do the same thing, so it makes sense to me.


Grounded by Carlos-Alberto Wever

Interesting Icons and a clean dock impress here, but it’s a real shame that there aren’t more icons for the basics on the iPod. I’m hoping this theme gets updated soon with enough icons to replace the default ones still in use. There are several additional wallpapers in the package, but they won’t work with the way the theme was installed into Winterboard.


The screenshot on the left shows the default install. Winterboard works from the bottom of the list to the top when installing theme element, so Grounded Wallpaper 2 is installed, first, then the Grounded package is installed including the default wallpaper. To see the other wallpaper you need to move the ‘Grounded’ theme down the list (using the three grey bars to the right to drag it) so it is below the wallpapers. This way, Grounded is installed then the wallpaper, so the order show above in the right image will work correctly.


Here’s a couple more of the wallpapers . Subtle they aren’t, but they should do nicely if you’re looking for something bold and bright.


Gradience V3 by Misecia

For those looking for something a little more understated there’s version 3 of Gradience. It works well with stock icons so there’s nothing that clashes, and the minimal Dock fits in just fine.


Water Color Grey by 1st-tiger

This theme has the basics covered, so you can have a completely themed first page if you want to stick to the default apps only. A striking design that’s relies on shape rather than colour to differentiate the icons, it still manages to pull off a difficult trick (unlike the default Mac OS leopard Icons).

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