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Tomtom tries new way to fleece customers

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Looks like Tomtom is the latest company to jump on the subscription bandwagon. Rather than buy an updated map once a year or so you can now subscribe and get four updates a year. The Tomtom HOME software offers updates for as little as £9.95 a quarter, but when I looked at the offer the price jumped to £59.70 as I have to buy the latest map first. There’s just a few of problems with this.

  1. I bought my Tomtom Go 720 six months ago. Shouldn’t a GPS device include a years updates to maps, then a yearly fee to keep up to date? I can understand safety cash generators camera’s and traffic announcements being paid for add-ons, but maps? That’s an expensive joke.
  2. My device came with a latest map guarantee that has never worked. When I enter the code into the Tomtom HOME software I get a message that the ‘Promotion code does not exist or promotion has ended’. I bought a new current model TomTom GPS unit from a UK retailer and I’m expected to start paying for new maps after a couple of months. That’s called a rip off.
  3. The subscription service isn’t saving you any money. Until very recently the Tomtom map of Western Europe was priced around £60, the same cost as the subscription service after I pay for the new map. Buying the new map outright has risen to £80. When quality Sat Nav’s are dropping in price all the time it can’t be that far off when it becomes cheaper to throw it away and buy a new one.
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News for Monday 6th October

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Sega returning to the Hardware market with handheld device
Reghardware is claiming that Sega will return to the entertainment hardware fray next year with a device for games, video (playing and capture), mobile TV and ebook reading. Welcome back Sega, we all missed you.

Has Apple hit its 10 Million iPhone target 3 months early?
News today on a wide range of sites suggests Apple has already hit its 10 Million iPhone sales target three months early.

Firefox Mobile could see an Alpha release in a few weeks
Mozilla’s CEO John Lilly said in a recent interview that the browser is coming soon to mobile devices, to provide a better mobile experience.