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New game download services

There’s always been a lot of nostalgia for older games. Maybe it’s the cost of keeping up with the latest title’s hardware requirements, or just that a good game is always a good game irrespective of age. I’ve been playing some older titles myself recently, and having just completed Tron 2.0, Far Cry and even Unreal again I understand the appeal.

There’s a new site for buying these older games at GOG.com, short for Good Old Games. There are two very good reasons to use the service, the games are cheap at either $5.99 or $9.99 and are downloaded fully patched to the latest version and compatible with Windows XP and Vista. I signed up for the public beta a couple of weeks ago and now have an entry pass before the service goes live. There’s over 30 games currently available with more being added soon. Here’s some of the titles offered from the front page.

A couple of very old titles shown, but most are from the past few years. Quite a few I will be trying and at $9.99 (around £6) not an expensive pleasure. The full current list of games is shown below, click to open at full size in another window. If you want to try these head over to GOG.com and sign up for the beta.

Aspyr are the latest company to join the online game distribution services with their Gameagent. Offering only a handful of PC games and two mac games it’s early days for the service but hopefully this is something that will grow soon. Reasonable pricing on the Mac titles wouldn’t hurt either.

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