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The problem with the App store

Love of Hate it, the App store has been a financial success and is proving very popular with iPhone and iPod owners. There have been complaints about the lack of moderation on user comments, and I found a perfect example of this. Here’s an App from the store that will search the web for iPhone formated wallpapers. Not something I would buy myself but it will likely appeal to a lot of users.

At a glance it doesn’t look very popular with only two stars, but this is from just one review so it’s worth having a look to see why the program scored so low.

There’s the problem. Any idiot can say whatever they want about a piece of software and the review is accepted into the store. I’m sure anyone who has visited web site comment sections is used to the morons who want to gloat about being the first post, but this really takes the whole waste of time ethic to a new height.

When a developer has taken time to write a piece of software we need a way to review it and warn other users of problems and poor quality. The same facility will allow us to praise and recommend a good app. Alex Harris just wastes a vital service with a stunning display of stupidity about which the developer can do nothing. It’s a shame that every web user doesn’t have an online ID that others can comment on. Maybe then the App store could present the following message when a user with a low rating tries something stupid:

‘Unfortunately your review cannot be accepted into the App Store as your online intelligence rating is too low. We suggest you participate in the Darwin Awards to improve the gene pool for the rest of the human race.’

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