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iPhone file storage apps

August 20, 2008 Leave a comment

For those looking to store files on their iPhone or iPod Touch there’s a nice comparison over at iLounge comparing four of the available options. Filemagnet, Files, Datacase and MobileFinder are compared in some depth, so this is recommended reading for anyone wanting to transfer files using an iDevice. It’s a shame Apple no longer allows file access to it’s newest gadgets, but at least others are stepping in to make it work.

Gmail security advice

August 20, 2008 2 comments

Google Mail has recently added the ability to use SSL to encrypt your browsers connection to the web client, and is recommending you turn it on. It appears that a Gmail account hacking tool is due for release in a couple of weeks that will make the process of hacking an email account a whole lot easier. It’s easy to enable SSL from the Gmail web setting page, so my advice to anyone using Gmail is to read the article and switch it on.

I’ve had a look at Mail on my Macs and iPod, and they use the SSL option by default. This only really applies if you use the Gmail web client, but since you never know when you might need to check your mail online it’s worth doing.

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