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Themes for the iPhone and iPod

One of my favourite apps on the iPod Touch before installing firmware 2 was Summerboard. Adding themes to this was a great way of easily changing the appearance of the iPod or iPhone’s interface. Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a version of Summerboard for firmware 2, but a new app called Winterboard has stepped in to fill the void.

Winterboard’s interface is very sparse at the moment, and with the latest release a few options apart from selecting a theme are available (I installed a new version of Winterboard and some themes at the same time, so may be wrong on this) The new options appear to override the theme, and using the controls on the right of the screen the options can be arranged into the order you chose.

One issue I found while trying a theme with the ‘User Wallpaper’ option (which replaces the theme’s wallpaper with the one selected in the iDevice’s settings) was that I can’t change my wallpaper. This is probably a permissions problem again like the recent Mail issue, so will be investigated next. Back to Winterboard, the app has been stable and reliable so far, and can be installed through Cydia on a jailbroken iPhone or iTouch. Here are some of themes I have been using.

1. BlackNeonAgua by ToffeeNut, based on Agua by Louie Mantia. One of my favourite themes at the moment, though I’m trying to figure out why the App Store icon ends up on Installer. Reminiscent of some of the sparser mobile phone interfaces around at the moment.

2. ATouchOfClass by Deggy. Greyscale icons over a neon whispy smoke background. Nice. Again this appears to be a theme that doesn’t replace the App Store icon, so more investigation required.

3. Deep by ToffeeNut. At last a theme with a replacement App Store icon. Bold colours and variety in the icons make this easy to use and apps without replacement themed icons don’t stand out too much. You can view some of ToffeNut’s other work at http://toffeenut.deviantart.com/gallery/

4. Illuminated from ModMyiPhone. This theme uses some of Winterboard’s new abilities to switch between eight wallpapers over a day. The effect is quite impressive and spoilt only slightly by the colours on some of the wallpapers which make the icon labels hard to read. Not a major problem though since the icons are unchanged.

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