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Pwnage 2.0 released, screenshots

The iPhone Dev Team has released Pwnage 2.0 for jailbreaking and unlocking 1st gen iPhones, jailbreaking the V2 iTouch and iPhone 3G. Only firmware 2.0 is supported in this version.

I’ve tried unlocking my iTouch this morning with mixed results. The creation of the modified firmware completed with no problems but the process failed when PwnageTool tried getting the iTouch into DFU mode to enable iTunes to restore the new firmware. iTunes wouldn’t install the firmware when I manually put the iTouch into DFU mode. I eventually got around that by starting with the iTouch in DFU mode, coming out of it and going back in when the PwnageTool prompted. Following the PwnageTool instructions got the iTouch into a state where iTunes could restore the new firmware. Other users have reported success starting the process with the iDevice disconnected, and connecting when prompted to enter DFU mode.

Once the jailbreak process was complete a new icon for Cydia is shown. This has replaced Installer which was used for V1 jailbreaks. Most of the software in Cydia is for development and the command line, so there’s not much of use to the casual user at the moment. I took some screenshots of Cydia on the iTouch, but had a problem with iPhoto not showing any of the screenshots to transfer. Since the benefits of jailbreaking are minimal for me at the moment I am currently restoring the original V2 firmware. iTunes prompted to make a backup before starting the restore and the screenshots are still on the iTouch after the backed up files were restored. iPhoto is still not showing them for import, and I dont know what is causing this problem at the moment. Here’s the screenshots of the PwnageTool in action, update to follow if I get the Cydia screenshots.

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