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Remote.app review

One of the first apps from the iTunes store that most people will try after upgrading their iPhone or iTouch to V2 is Remote. A simple interface much like the iPhone and iTouch music player, it allows control of your Computer’s iTunes or an AppleTV from anywhere within Wifi range of the same network.

Setup is simple as long as the iTunes library to be controlled and your iDevice are able to communicate over the network. Starting Remote for the first time and selecting Add Library will show your iDevice in the iTunes sidebar of the computer you synchronise with. Since this is my hackintosh, the iTouch appears there but not on my Macbook. The iDevice shows a four digit passcode, and clicking on the device in the computer’s iTunes sidebar will prompt for the code to be entered. That’s the pairing completed, you now have control of your iTunes library, including adjusting volume.

One issue I have is that iTunes has to be running on your computer before Remote will work, it won’t launch iTunes. Apart from that there’s nothing else to complain about. Controlling the media is responsive and as easy as using the iDevices media players. You have the same Playlists/Artists/Songs/Albums/More buttons at the bottom of the display, album art is displayed on the iDevice while playing, and a still of a video is shown while playing the video in iTunes on your computer. For a free app this does what other devices charge a lot of money for, so couple an iPhone or iTouch with a Mac mini or AppleTV and you have a great remote control media centre.

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