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Windows Vista: Not that bad

If ever there’s been a case of damning with faint praise it’s an article on Gizmodo titled ‘Ten reasons why Vista isn’t that bad’. From the title that suggests it’s only slightly bad, to some of the weakest excuses I’ve heard yet, it’s one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while. Here’s the list of ‘reasons’

1. It’s more secure than Windows XP. Not secure, just more secure than the last seven year old version of windows.

2. It’s the best looking Windows yet. Again, compared to the previous butt ugly versions. So not necessarily good looking, just better than before.

3. Games work just about as well as under XP. Except the author then goes on to say they run about 10% slower than on Windows XP. But buy a faster video card and you won’t notice.

4. Vista Media Center is a fantastic DVR. I’ve also read other personal opinions that it’s pants. So that’s debatable.

5. The sleep mode works. So Vista isn’t that bad because a basic function works, where it didn’t in Windows XP. Amazing progress.

6. Built-in search is better and more useful. Except ‘The downside is that during the first day or two, everything slows down while Vista indexes your computer’

7. User Account Control is useful for some people. The author has turned it of, but it’s usefull for some people ‘in theory’, like those sharing a family PC.

8. Drivers support isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be. Again, does this mean it’s bad, just not as bad as some people say? Or quite good?

9. It’s not any buggier than Windows XP. How buggy was Windows XP? Again, is Vista just buggy compared to very buggy? Hardly a clear comparison, is it.

10. Vista is not slow if you have enough RAM. One of the reasons given for Vista being labelled as slow is that people bought ‘Vista Ready’ systems. Oh, you mean the ones claimed to work fine with Vista?

Seriously, I’m not knocking Vista. I don’t use it personally. I’ve built two computers for a family member’s business, both with Vista and Office 2007 installed. Both have been a complete pain-in-the-arse in terms of usability, stability and reliability. When I tried Vista on my hackintosh hardware it was smooth and stable. Two unimpressive cases is not enough to brand an operating system as ‘bad’, so I don’t. But this article claims to defend Vista and just about hammers the final nail into it’s coffin. Makes me wonder if the author is a closet Mac fanboy. Or Steve Jobs.

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