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iPhone games priced at $9.99

One thing that really surprised me was the pricing of the games announced during the WWDC Keynote. Have paid around £30 for Super Monkey Ball on the Nintendo Wii it seems a steal for $9.99. Looks like Apple are serious about making the iPhone a viable gaming platform. Here’s the list of software announced:

  • Super Monkey Ball from Nintendo
  • Enigmo, a puzzle game from Pangea
  • Cro-Mag Rally also from Pangea, a racing game
  • Digital Legends Entertainmentshowed a 3D game similar to God of War, due in September
  • Ebay app that allows you to do anything you can do through your web browser
  • Loopt, a location-based service for tracking friends
  • A Typepad client
  • Band – virtual instruments and songwriting app
  • Associated Press showed the Mobile News Network, which uses the location aware features of the new OS to pull in local news
  • MLB.com for baseball highlights and live video clips
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