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10.6 Snow Leopard Due Jan 2009

June 8, 2008 Leave a comment

Hot Rumour this week has to be first details of the successor to Mac OS 10.5. ‘Snow Leopard’, as ArsTechnica and several other sites are claiming it is labelled, will be an Intel only OS containing no major OS changes and focusing on performance and stability. The interesting part is the ‘no major OS changes’, which appears to refer to the parts the software developers use. You can be confident that there will be lots of new features, a given nowadays for any new operating system.

iPhone 2 leaked pics

June 8, 2008 Leave a comment

CrunchGear has a leaked promotional ad for the second gen iPhone, which i’m guessing is real given how close we are to the launch. Looks good, and the front facing video camera for iChat AV looks very useful. Apple needs lots of easy to use features like this to keep them ahead of Nokia and the like, so this is one device I can’t wait to see. And given the speed of hacking the iPhone so far, as well as Apple’s seemingly indifferent attitude to un-contracted devices, this could be a killer gadget.

UPDATE Looks like this one had been thoroughly discredited at a lot of sites, so we’re back to waiting for the announcement tomorrow.

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