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Flash Memory prices

It’s holiday season again, the time of year when I look at the gadgets and memory cards that will accompany me on my travels. For my recent week in Italy I took a Sanyo Xacti HD2 for photo and video capture, two 4Gb SDHC cards to record to and my Macbook to transfer everything to every night. A 60Gb portable hard drive backup up what was on the Macbook, so I had a fairly bombproof system of storing my holiday snaps.

The Macbook was a bit of a problem though. It’s a large chunk of the hand luggage weight allowance on flights, and the Hotel we stayed in didn’t have large safe boxes. There was only one safe in which you could have an A4 envelope stored. Fine for passports and money, no good for a laptop so the Macbook was hidden in the room every day while we were out. There was no accessible WiFi internet either, so taking the Macbook was a bit of overkill for what it did.

For my next trip to Spain at the start of June I’m debating leaving the Macbook at home, and the deciding factor will be if there is internet access so I can update this site while sitting around the pool. If the Macbook stays at home, my 8Gb of SDHC storage may not be enough for video. So the next question is, how much have memory cards fallen in price?

In August 2007 I bought two 4Gb SDHD cards for £16.99 each. Although I had previously used and recommended mymemory.co.uk, these came from memorymegastore.com who had a wider selection and lower prices at the time. Since there were no problems with the order I will use them again for comparison.

The SDHC class 4 (4Mbit/s transfer speed) cards by Integral are now priced at £8.99 either with or without an SDHC USB reader. Almost half price in ten months isn’t bad, and I’m wondering if something like Moore’s Law of processors could apply here. An 8Gb SDHC Class 4 is £15.49 or £15.99 with card reader. That’s a doubling of capacity for a lower price in ten months. The question her though is if you really want to keep buying bigger cards, since the more a card holds the more you lose if the card dies. I can store around a thousand seven megapixel photo’s or fifty five minutes of 720p video on a 4Gb card, so the question is how much video do you want to edit when you get home? Two hours of video may not be enough if you shoot a lot and trim later, so an order for a couple more 4Gb cards is going in today.


The day after placing an order with memorymegastore.com I returned to the site to check its status. The memory cards were showing backorder, which means out of stock with no delivery date given. No indication of the cards being out of stock was given at the time of order, in the confimation email or any time after. I find this unacceptably misleading so the order has been cancelled and memorymegastore will get no further recommendation.

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