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iPhone Apps

The one aspect of the upcoming iPhone/iPod version 2 software that has me most excited is the appstore. Although there are already some impressive and useful applications available through the installer app, I can’t wait to see what coders release once the fruits of the SDK are finished. Several apps that have already proven useful and interesting, so here are some of my favourites.

textReader is a simple app for viewing large text files such as books. I recently wrote about my switch from the older Books app to this, mainly due to textReaders speed and responsiveness. I’ve now read several books using this app and can see no reason to use anything else.

There’s something voyeuristic but facinating about Wallpaper, a simple app that lets you share your iPhone or iPod’s wallpaper with other users of the app. After a string of updates that refined the program it’s been quiet for a while, but it already has everything you could reasonably ask for. Shared images can be added to your gallery or reported for removal from the shared pool. It’s an interesting insight into how people customise their devices, and better now that users seem to have realised that sharing certain pictures of their girlfriends isn’t a good idea.

Nothing passes a boring wait like a good book or PuzzleManiak. There’s a lot of good puzzles to get stuck into, an online mode for comparing scores with other players and a daily challenge. Some of the puzzles are mind bending, and I suspect this does more to exercise your mind than sudoku.

Version 2 of Pool has added a two player mode and computer opponents but is now shareware. You can still play seven games a day so is great for the occasional fix of 2D pool. A 3D view would be really impressive, so maybe that’s something for version 3.

My final app is Converter, which can change between just about any units you can think of. It’s one of those apps that is so useful you wonder why it wasn’t included on the iPhone as standard.

  1. June 25, 2008 at 1:56 am

    Just happened to see your site and thought I’d say thank you for the kind words about textReader. I hope you are still enjoying it.

    Let me know if you’d like any particular features added.


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