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Hackintosh part 10

May 8, 2008 6 comments

When I completed the build and testing of my hackintosh I still had plans for some future updates to the hardware. 2Gb of Ram is fine for general use but gets used up fast if you start running windows in a virtual machine as well as Mail, Firefox, Graphic Converter and several other apps. I’ve now added another 2Gb of PC800 Kingston ram of the same spec as the original, and it’s working fine. System Profiler reports four banks of 1Gb PC800 ram and no problems. I can now allocate 1Gb of Ram to a virtual machine without slowing down the rest of the system. Read more…

UK iPhone no longer available

Ahead of next month’s all but confirmed 3g iPhone launch, stocks of the current version have now run out in the UK. O2’s web site is showing the image above even though there has been no official announcement of when the replacement will arrive. Speaking of which, there are more images online today claiming to show the next generation. Engadget has them so take a look and make your own mind up. With a (rumoured) month to go until the launch, do Apple have to spend any money on advertising this device?

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