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Hackintosh goes mainstream?

April 19, 2008 Leave a comment

With the recent news that Psystar are offering Mac OS compatible computers with Leopard pre-installed it appears the mainstream Mac press have taken notice. Macworld published an article yesterday detailing Rob Griffiths experiences of building and testing a hackintosh. Not much in the way of information on the install process, but there are some benchmarking results using Cinebench, Quake 3 and Xbench.

Its a good read until the conclusion, which I strongly disagree with. Listing the ‘many pitfalls’ as including ‘follow poorly-translated instructions to get everything put together’ makes me wonder what instructions Rob was using. There are some clear and well written guides online, especially at InsanelyMac. Having to shop around for the best components is something PC builders and users have done for years to get the right system, so it’s not a hackintosh weakness. And as for the case not being as attractive as a Mac Pro, is that really why people buy Mac Pro’s?

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