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Following on from the Wild Animals series last week I have something different again. This time it’s the software apps I would like to see on the iPhone and iPod touch. Starting with Tomtom Navigator, a new one each day for the rest of the week. Leave a comment of you have any requests.

Buy a Hackintosh?

April 14, 2008 3 comments

One of the nice things about blogging with WordPress is seeing incoming links i.e. sites that are linking to posts on this site. One that showed up yesterday was from, from a thread about a company called Psystar. This organisation are selling ready built hackintosh’s from their Florida site, under the title of ‘Openmac’. After a little browsing the site it looks like the computers are supplied with an install disk that I suspect installs the EFI emulation software allowing Leopard to be installed on top. The hardware spec can be customised within the available components and Leopard can be pre-installed. The biggest question is how long will this be available before Apple’s legal team are on the case? I’ve just tried accessing the site for some more info and it’s down, so maybe Apple have already struck. The Wayback machine internet archive doesn’t have any backups of the site from the last year so I’m guessing the Openmac hasn’t been around for long. More news if the site appears again.

UPDATE: The site is now back up, and the ‘Open Mac’ platform has now changed name to ‘Open Computer’. This story was widely reported on a number of sites, but none seem to have any reason for the name change. So did Apple have something to say, or did the exposure suggest caution?