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Macbook 10.5.2 update, take 2

Macbook BassheadTechI mentioned a while back the problems I had when updating my Macbook to 10.5.2. I could no longer see my two wireless access points, but could still connect to the old Benq 802.11b one. My Belkin pre 802.11n router was invisible and unconnectable. After much searching for a solution I restored the Macbook to 10.5.1 using the backup I always try to make before major updates. The wireless access points immediately became visible and connectable again, so the Macbook has stayed on 10.5.1 ever since.

There have been several new suggestions posted on sites and forums recently to help fix this, so I decided to try updating again. Since the last attempt I have replaced my Belkin wired cable router and Benq access point with a Netgear wireless cable router. The old and new equipment worked fine with the Macbook under 10.5.1, but who knows, there may have been a conflict. After making the backup I applied the update (as well as any others software update offered) and tried wireless networking again.

The result this time was perfect. Both the wireless access points were connectable, and the settings are remembered in network preferences. Nothing had changed on the Belkin router, no parameter or firmware updates, so why can the Macbook now reliably see and connect to it?

Since the 10.5.2 update the macbook has also received the following:

  • Security Update 2008-002 v1.0
  • Digital Camera RAW Compatibility update v2.0
  • Time Machine and Airport Updates V1.0
  • Leopard Graphics Update v1.0
  • Safari V3.1
  • PluginManager V1.7.3

The most interesting of these is the Time Machine and Airport Update, since this was widely reported in the hackintosh forums as installing a new kernel. The advice was not to apply this update if you were using a modified kernel to get your system working correctly. Did this update make any other changes, or were my problems related to my combination of hardware? I suspect I won’t find an answer to this, but any comments or explanations would be appreciated.

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