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OS wars: which is the best?

March 11, 2008 Leave a comment

PCmagThe ‘my OS is better than yours’ arguments have been a bit quiet lately, so PCmag have done their bit to restart the flames. The article compares Mac OS Leopard, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Ubuntu 7.10 across a number of aspects to pick which is the best for a range of different user types, as well as the best overall. I won’t spoil the surprise here so have a read to see who they rate the highest.

Online banking security problems

March 11, 2008 Leave a comment

There’s a scary article at concerning the safety of online banking systems and new trojans. It appears the crooks are getting sneakier than ever to get their hands on your money. I’ve been fortunate so far having not been the victim of online fraud (and I buy a lot online), the only credit card fraud I suffered was after using my card to reserve a hotel room. When I reported the crime to my local Police station I was told I was the 21st person in my town to suffer credit card fraud in 20 days. It’s not a big town so this gives an idea of the massive scale of the problem. I never received any further information from the police so have no way of knowing if the perpetrator was caught. We in the UK can’t even report credit card fraud to the Police anymore, it’s now a problem for the Banks to deal with. If you’re worried about online security there’s some good advice at

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