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iPhone updates

Apple today announced several big updates to the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms. These will be supported in firmware version 2 due for release in late June.

  • Direct support for Microsoft Exchange using licensed Activesync technology. This includes push e-mail, push calendaring, push contacts and remote wipe.
  • From today the iPhone SDK is available to software developers, apps will downloaded directly to the iPhone/iPod or via iTunes. Free apps will cost nothing to distribute, commercial app writers will receive 70% of the price with Apple taking the other 30%.  There is a $99 fee to join the developer program. The link at developer.apple.com/iphone/program/ is currently not working. Are hundreds of eager programmers hammering the site?
  • AOL instant messenger(AIM) is coming to the iPhone/iPod
  • SEGA showed a Super Monkey Ball demo that is controlled using the tilt sensor
  • Several other medical/financial/entertainment companies are on board with software development already
  • The iPhone update is free, iPod Touch owners will have to pay again to get access to apps that Apple take a cut of. The reason given is again the accounting method. “The way we account for the iPhone is with subscription accounting, so we take the revenue over two years. The way that we account for iPods, is more normal accounting. And so because of that, we have to charge a nominal fee, but I don’t see that changing. We’ll set it when we release the software in June. But we don’t look at this as a profit opportunity.”
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