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WiFi woes with 10.5.2

February 16, 2008 Leave a comment

No WifiUntil yesterday my Macbook sat next to a 20 inch monitor, keyboard and mouse acting as my main computer. With the success of my new DIY Mac I unplugged all of that with the intention of finally using it around the house as originally intended. This was the first time I tried using a wireless network connection since upgrading to 10.5.2, and to my surprise it no longer works. I currently have two wireless routers in occational use, an old Benq 802.11b AWL500 and a belkin Pre-N F5D8230-4 v2. The Belkin router is now invisible to my Macbook, and although the Benq can be seen and I cannot connect to it unless I disable the wep security. Not an advisable practice. So I no longer have a wireless Macbook.

There’s a huge list of users suffering the same problems in Apple’s support forums, along with the usual fanboys and ‘experts’ denying it’s related to the software update. So lets put it like this. Every other piece of WiFi equipment I have, including an iPod Touch, can still see and connect to both wireless routers. The Macbook cannot. Still not sure? I made a backup of 10.5.1 to an external USB hard drive before upgrading. I just booted from that, and wireless networking is back.