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What’s new with iPhone?

Things have moved on a bit since I jailbroke my 1.1.1 iPod touch using the iJailbrake V0.4.1 method to upgrade it to 1.1.3. iJailbreak is now up to V0.5.3 and can jailbreak a new 1.1.3 iPhone, with iPod touch support on the way. TUAW has a nice article summing up the last few days progress, but it looks like there are now several methods of jailbreaking your iPhone and unlocking it to work on any cellphone network.
With the recent speculation that there are as many as one million unlocked iPhones in use it’s starting to look like Apple isn’t trying too hard to stop the practice. The hacking effort certainly seems to be gaining momentum. This may change with the next update which is rumoured to be hitting soon with flash support in safari. We should know by the end of February, the original target for the software developer kit’s release.

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