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Hackintosh part 6

After yesterday’s post I had a working 10.5.1 system with my applications and home folder copied from a backup drive. Everything looked to be where it should when I logged in so I started the testing.

iMovie 08 iconThe first app I tried was iMovie 08. I know it’s had a lot of flack from the iMovie HD purists, but I find it a lot easier and quicker to use than the last version. So what if it doesn’t have themes? The speed of editing means I don’t put off making the holiday videos due to the time it takes. The biggest issue was running iMovie 08 on my Macbook. Even maxed out with 2Gb of memory the editing process wasn’t smooth. It’s fine with standard video from a miniDV camcorder, but I treated myself to a Sanyo Xacti HD2 last year before a holiday in Florida. The camera was light and easy to carry around all day and took 7 megapixel photo’s and 720p HD video (that’s 1280×720). The Macbook hardware just struggled to handle that resolution of video. Playback had lots of stuttering and spinning beach ball delays.

Most of this can probably be put down to the Macbook’s integrated graphics. It’s a common problem with an external monitor plugged into the macbook. At 1280×800 the built in display runs fairly smooth, but when I use the external 20 inch monitor at 1680×1050 it all gets a bit jerky. Spaces gets choppy with more than a couple of apps open and dashboard stutters. It’s not surprising when you consider the external display is asking the integrated graphics to handle over 70% more pixels than usual.

iPhoto 08 iconSo how did the hackintosh handle iMovie? Like it was editing a low resolution video from the early nineties. Playback, cross fades and effects were smooth and iStat menu’s four processor graphs barely moved above zero. The backlog of holiday videos shouldn’t take too long to clear with this sort of responsiveness. I tried iPhoto next and this was the same. Actions like opening a photo for editing that took a few seconds on the Macbook were down to less than a second.

VMware fusion iconVMware was next up and initially gave an error message when trying to start a windows XP virtual machine, which I suspect was down to having been moved from the Macbook. This was version 1.1, so I upgraded to 1.1.1 and the fault was fixed. Virtual machines launch a lot quicker, no doubt due to the fast samsung 7200rpm drive and four processors. I had Windows XP running full screen on one desktop and switched between that and the other three Mac desktops using a press of my centre mouse button. I will install Ubuntu Linux at some point and try having that on another desktop, but I expect it will be just as smooth. It’s amazing how much difference a 256Mb PCI express graphics card can make. I know Macbooks are built to a price but I would gladly pay another £50 for a decent graphics chip instead of the underpowered integrated offering.

There’s an interesting thing to mention while talking about graphics cards. The original 512Mb Jetway 7300GT card cost £32. The Sparkle passive 7300GT with 256Mb was £35 from a local store. Apple charge £100 for their 7300GT card. That does have two DVI connectors rather than one DVI and one VGA like the card I bought, but £100? Looks like it’s not just Apple’s memory that’s grossly overpriced.

Google Earth iconA trial of Adobe Photoshop CS3 launched in a fraction of the time the Macbook had taken and filters were very fast. Another delight was Google Earth. My VideoPC had run this super smooth at 1680×1050 with two 2.4Ghz Intel Xeon’s and a 6600GT. The Macbook was tolerable on the built in display and sluggish at 1680×1050. The new Mac just flies with this app. The Vegas Strip is always a good test of a graphics card if you show all the 3D hotels and turn all the content on. Of the other items I wanted to test I haven’t had a chance to test Garageband with the audio input of the hackintosh so that’s next as well as a bit of overclocking to see just how good these Core 2 Quad’s are.

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  1. Ben
    February 17, 2008 at 1:21 pm

    I’m about to upgrade all the main parts of my pc, and I’d like to be able to run osx as well/instead of windows.

    I’ve never got time to read up and find out what parts will won’t work – so I’ve been watching a few blogs etc to see how others are doing. Yours comes in about the right price point, so now you’ve bought it and confirmed it works, I am going to copy your parts list.

    So … can I be a bit cheeky and ask you to confirm the list you eventually bought please? 😀

    I think its this (taken from aria, as I think thats who you used) ….

    Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R iP35 Express (775) Motherboard
    Intel Core 2 Quad – Q6600 – 95W G0 stepping – OEM
    Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 PRO
    Corsair 4GB PC2-6400 C5 XMS2 (2x2GB)
    320GB Samsung SATA – 16MB
    Jetway GeForce 7600 GT 256MB DDR3 PCI-E

    I’ve bumped the graphics card a bit from yours, as I play games occasionally, it it wasn’t that much for what looks quite a boost in power. Also, I put more ram in, just because its not that expensive!

    Can you confirm that this is the list you bought please? I’d be much obliged!

  2. basshead
    February 17, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    That’s what I have for motherboard, processor, cooler. You can get the P35C version of the motherboard for a couple of pound more that adds DDR3, but ithat bumps up the memory cost for a small performance gain. I’m blogging about over-clocking later this evening, and so far I have had this setup running stable at 3Ghz (9x multiplier, 333Mhz bus up from 266Mhz). I try to avoid the major on 3rd memory boards like aria’s own brand due to bad experiences. I use kingston as they have never let me down, from what I have read corsair are just as reliable. The latest Samsung drives are a revelation, extremely quiet and fast. I eventually paid about £14 more for the 500Gb model.
    Another little thing I always recommend is a good thermal paste like Arctic Silver to use between the cooler and CPU. I have seen CPU temperatures drop by several degrees just by replacing the standard cooler grey junk with arctic silver. Helps a lot when overclocking too.
    The only thing I would advise you consider is the graphics card. Jetway are as good as any other brand and I think I was unlucky to get a dead card, but the cooler on the card was horrendously noisy in a loud and irritating way. The Arctic Cooling Freezer runs at 1000rpm and is almost silent, as is the hard drive. I am glad to be returning the dead graphics card to Aria as the Sparkle card with passive cooler is silent, so not only will this machine run any operating system I want very fast, it’s the quietest computer I have ever built.
    Next upgrade will be another 2Gb of ram. I had VMware running Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux fullscreen with Leopard, switching between them using spaces. Memory was the limiting factor here, so 4Gb should give plenty of room.
    The choice of hardware supplier is down to past experiences, as I have been buying PC hardware and building computers for 18 years. Aria are one of the few suppliers who haven’t caused me problems so I recommend them. I’ve placed around 40 orders with them over 5 years and the few issues were solved quickly. I used Ebuyer before that and they were awful if you had a problem. Another company that have been good are Scan, although their prices are not quite as keen as Aria.

  3. Ben
    February 17, 2008 at 6:04 pm

    Thanks for the reply – I’ve taken your advice and switched to a silent graphics card (an 8600 GT that was on special offer), and other than that, I’ve left it the same and placed the order.

  4. satch
    December 4, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    hey is it possible install mac any version on ma pc 😥

    RAM is only 1 gb !!
    and processor is intel core 2 , , plzz reply , ,
    if possible do send me the link, , , ,
    thanks in advance . . .

  5. satch
    December 4, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    hey is it possible install mac any version on ma pc 😥
    RAM is only 1 gb !!
    and processor is intel core 2 , , plzz reply , ,
    if possible do send me the link, , , ,
    thanks in advance . . .

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