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Hackintosh part 6

February 14, 2008 5 comments

After yesterday’s post I had a working 10.5.1 system with my applications and home folder copied from a backup drive. Everything looked to be where it should when I logged in so I started the testing.

iMovie 08 iconThe first app I tried was iMovie 08. I know it’s had a lot of flack from the iMovie HD purists, but I find it a lot easier and quicker to use than the last version. So what if it doesn’t have themes? The speed of editing means I don’t put off making the holiday videos due to the time it takes. The biggest issue was running iMovie 08 on my Macbook. Even maxed out with 2Gb of memory the editing process wasn’t smooth. It’s fine with standard video from a miniDV camcorder, but I treated myself to a Sanyo Xacti HD2 last year before a holiday in Florida. The camera was light and easy to carry around all day and took 7 megapixel photo’s and 720p HD video (that’s 1280×720). The Macbook hardware just struggled to handle that resolution of video. Playback had lots of stuttering and spinning beach ball delays. Read more…

What’s new with iPhone?

February 14, 2008 Leave a comment

Things have moved on a bit since I jailbroke my 1.1.1 iPod touch using the iJailbrake V0.4.1 method to upgrade it to 1.1.3. iJailbreak is now up to V0.5.3 and can jailbreak a new 1.1.3 iPhone, with iPod touch support on the way. TUAW has a nice article summing up the last few days progress, but it looks like there are now several methods of jailbreaking your iPhone and unlocking it to work on any cellphone network.
With the recent speculation that there are as many as one million unlocked iPhones in use it’s starting to look like Apple isn’t trying too hard to stop the practice. The hacking effort certainly seems to be gaining momentum. This may change with the next update which is rumoured to be hitting soon with flash support in safari. We should know by the end of February, the original target for the software developer kit’s release.