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Hackintosh part 5

February 13, 2008 Leave a comment

After writing about my problem with a dead graphics card yesterday I had a PC with a 12 year old Matrox mystique PCI card proving everything else worked. Surely something that old couldn’t handle Leopard? Only one way to find out. The Kalyway 10.5.1 disc went in, and to my amazement twenty minutes later I had a working hackintosh. Sure, the display was stuck at 1024×768 and windows had some corrupted menu bars, but it worked. Does a Core 2 Quad and a Matrox Mystique win any awards for the biggest age gap between PC components? Read more…

‘Shared’ drives still missing in 10.5.2

February 13, 2008 6 comments

Finder SharedOne of irritations of Leopard since it was released last year was the shared computers list in the Finder sidebar. Not that it’s an irritating feature since it stopped the requirement of connecting to servers to access them. The irritation is that it doesn’t work. The shared section on my macbook lasted around an hour after I first installed Leopard, and has been AWOL ever since. I’ve scoured the net for any method of restoring this feature with no joy. Other Macs show up if they are using AFP, but anything SMB (that’s windows and my Synology Diskstation) are missing. I’ve disabled Little snitch and the Leopard firewall. Deleted the smb.conf file so a new one was generated. I even followed these instructions to change the DNS lookup order. 10.5.2. was my last hope of seeing this fixed, but after many ‘no known issue’ builds there’s still an issue. Maybe this one is being saved for 10.5.3?

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