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Hackintosh part 4

I finally had enough waiting yesterday and ordered the components for my hackintosh. And as if by magic 10.5.2 was released. I changed the motherboard from the GA-P35C-DS3R to the very similar GA-P35-DS3R. The only difference I can see is that the P35 board doesn’t support ddr3 memory, which I wasn’t interested in. I also ordered a 500Gb Sata hard drive. I paid the extra for AM delivery and started planning the build and OS install.
As expected, the parcel was delivered at 12:06. Why are these couriers never earlier than they have to be? An hour later the motherboard, CPU, fan and memory were installed in the CM stacker and the power went on. I was a bit nervous as this was the first time I had used a Core 2 quad, and they are tiny. Hard to believe there are four processors in there with a huge heatsink and fan sitting on top.

So the power went on, and nothing

The CPU and graphic card fans ran, but no display. I connected a motherboard speaker and heard the one long and two short beeps that mean graphics card problem. Re-seating the card didn’t help, its just playing dead. I confirmed everything else is working with an old Matrox PCI card that has proven invaluable on a number of occasions.
First thing tomorrow it’s off to the local PC hardware supplier for a cheap PCI express card to find out if it’s the graphics card or motherboard slot that’s at fault. I usually have a spare of each generation of display card (PCI, AGP 1x,2x,4x etc.) but I don’t have a PCI express one since my main computers for the past few years have been Macs.
If it is the card that’s dead it will have to be returned to the supplier for the usual RMA/testing process. Probably quicker to ask for a refund and get a decent one in the morning so I can get on with the hackintosh. Here’s hoping the rest of the build goes a bit better.

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