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Hackintosh Part 3

In Part 1 I looked at motherboard, CPU, cooler and ram. Part 2 covered optical drives and hard drive, so this time it’s case, graphics card and other components.

CMstackerThe choice of case is usually a difficult one due to the huge range of cases available, but in this instance it’s simple. My VideoPC that is being retired was built in a Coolermaster CM stacker, a huge beast of an enclosure that could probably handle any build you could think of. Eleven 5¼inch bays and room for two power supplies means this isn’t a case that needs replacing anytime soon. It also looks good in brushed aluminium and black. There’s no shortage of black optical drives now, unlike when I first got the case around three years ago. A Tagan 700w PSU provides the juice, probably a bit overkill for the hackintosh but it did the job for two xeons and four hard drives in its previous life. I have used two Tagan PSU’s, both solid and reliable. Again this is an example of sticking to what is proven.

7300GTThe graphics card is perhaps the most difficult choice of hardware, due to the wide range available. Apple have used several cards in the current and previous Mac’s. On the ATI side the HD2600XT/Pro, HD2400XT, X1900Xt and X1600 have been used, while Nvidia have supplied the 7300GT and 8800GT in the latest Mac Pro’s. Since i’m not looking to be playing graphically demanding 3D games at the moment there’s little point in spending lots of money here and from the compatibility list at osx86 the 7300Gt looks to be a good bet. A 512Mb version from Jetway or Nvidia can be had at Aria for around £32, so I will go for the jetway version which has a faster 500Mhz clock speed.

No much else to add to this really. I have a spare Firewire card in my hardware cupboard and plenty of Sata cables. I haven’t decided yet on keeping the windowed side panel for the CM stacker and Blue cold cathode lights. It seems a bit tacky for a Mac and my modding phase lasted only a few months. Decent coolers run for years without problems unlike some of the cheaper types, so my reasoning of being able to see a stalled cooling fan is redundant. Looks like taste will win over geek appeal.

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  1. August 27, 2011 at 8:33 pm

    you do a wonderful job of explaining the hackintosh, thanks!

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